Returning items

If you select a money return method through your payment account, the store will inform Tamara once the item has been returned. Tamara will update your account accordingly. 


If you already made payments to Tamara, a refund will be initiated within 24 hours of the status update. However, if you are yet to make any payments, the payment plan will be automatically adjusted to reflect the updated order value and remaining payments. 


Please note that:

-      The Tamara app may take a couple of hours to reflect the update - this will only occur once the store receives their returned item.  

- If you requested that your refund be made to your wallet, you will still be required to pay Tamara your pending payments for the order. 


How do I get a refund?


It depends on the refund method you have selected and your refund request. The payment amount will be added to your account and/or updated on the Tamara app after the approval of your refund request.

Please note: you will still be required to pay Tamara if you requested that the refund be made to your wallet. Repeated missed payments will lead to being reported to the relevant authorities. 


If the payment has been refunded, how do I update the invoice for a refund on my Tamara account?

The invoice on your Tamara account will update automatically if you have selected your payment account as your preferred return method. Please note that you will still be required to pay Tamara your pending dues if you have requested that the refund is made to your wallet.

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