How do I make a payment?

To pay via Tamara:

- Select Tamara and choose the Split in 3 option at checkout

- Log in using your mobile number and verify via one-time password 

- Enter your details and complete your first payment

- Pay the rest after receiving your order, over the course of 2 months that follow via the app


You must be 18 years of age or older to use Tamara. 


Having trouble paying?


We’re here to help. Visit the Tamara Help Center (, or contact our support team using the app. For Saudi Arabia, call 8008500548; for the United Arab Emirates, call 8000320638.


How does Tamara work?


Tamara’s “Split in 3” payments option allows you to divide your bill into 3 interest-free payments: one payment when you order, the rest over the course of the two months that follow.




Can I pay before the due date?


Yes, you can. Log in to your account using the Tamara app ( or the web app (, select the orders you'd like to pay for, then make your payment using your preferred method: Mada, Visa, Master Card, or even Apple Pay.


Can I pay with a different card?


Yes! Select your payment method. Then, log in to your Tamara account, go to Settings, find Payments Methods, and add a different card. 


*Kindly note that the new card should not be registered under a different Tamara account*


How will I know when I need to pay?


Your payment plan will show at checkout. You will also receive it via email from Tamara upon order confirmation. In addition, you will receive payment reminders over SMS and push notifications from the Tamara app. 


The payment is due, but I haven't received my order. Why?


Your first payment is due upon ordering items, not receiving the goods. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly reach out to the Tamara Customer Care team for support.


Are there any late fees? What happens if I miss a payment?

Tamara imposes a late fee of SAR/AED 25 a day after the due date and SAR/AED 25 every 15 days after. Fees are limited to SAR/AED 150 or 25% of the order value (the minimum of the two options will be applied). 


Please note: if you have multiple payment delays, you will be reported to the credit bureau in Saudi Arabia (SIMAH) or AECB in the UAE. This will impact your credit score and will lead to your suspension from Tamara.  

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