Suhoor Surprise Refer A Freind

  • This offer will run from 00:00 AM (UAE time) Friday, 24th April 2020 till 11:59 PM (UAE time) Sunday, 3rd May 2020.
  • Each customer will have a unique code on its account dashboard. Any Customer (“Referrer”) can refer new and existing customers (“Referred Customers”) to Namshi so Referred Customers can benefit from a running promotion on the website during the new promotional campaign in Ramadan 2020 (“Suhoor Surprises”). Referrers will only have to share the unique codes with their friends during Suhoor Surprises by going to their Account and accessing their unique codes under "Earn Credit" section.
  • These unique codes will give the Referred Customers the chance to get 25% off promotion which will be applicable during Suhoor Surprises and only on certain categories. The unique code will only be activated if the Referred Customers purchased with a value of 400 AED or more on the website.
  • The Referrer will get 10 AED per existing customer referred by its unique code and with a maximum limit of 100 AED. This offer will only apply for the duration of the Suhoor Surprises campaign (i.e. ten days from the start date).
  • The existing Terms and Conditions of referring new customers to Namshi shall continue to apply during the Suhoor Surprises campaign. The Referrer continues to get 30 AED for every new customer referred to Namshi Terms.
  • All amounts will be granted to Referrers in the form of wallet credit.
  • The wallet credit will reflect in the Referrer’s account 14 days after the order of the Referred Customer has been delivered.
  • The provided wallet credit will expire in 30 days from the date of receipt.

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