Earning Skywards Miles

1) How do I start earning Skywards Miles?

To earn Skywards Miles, download the Namshi app – available on the App Store or Google Play, register to become a member of the Namshi Programme and link your Emirates Skywards account. Then, browse the Namshi app and simply start shopping on the app to earn Skywards Miles.


2) Are there any exclusions to earning Skywards Miles on Namshi?

Skywards Miles can be earned on all transactions (inclusive of promotional items) processed on the Namshi app, or Namshi.com.


3) Do I need to spend a minimum amount?

No, there is no minimum spend limit in-order to earn Skywards Miles.


4) How many Skywards Miles will I earn, and is there a maximum?

All Skywards members, irrespective of tier will earn 1 Mile per USD 1 (approx. AED 3.67). There is no maximum cap for earning Skywards Miles.


5) Would exchanges impact the Skywards Miles I earn for an order?

If you exchange an order, then Skywards Miles will be added 14 days after the delivery of that exchange order. In the event of a subsequent exchange, 14 days further from the delivery date of the 2nd exchange order and so forth.


6) Where can I see my current Skywards Miles balance?

In-order to view the number of Skywards Miles earned through Namshi, please visit "My Namshi" section in the Namshi app. To check the total number of Skywards Miles in your account, please sign in to your Emirates Skywards account at www.emirates.com


7) Is there an expiry date for the Skywards Miles I earn through Namshi?

Your Skywards Miles are valid for three years from the date you acquired them. Within the calendar year that Skywards Miles are due to expire, they will be removed from your account at the end of the month in which you were born. For more information, visit www.emirates.com


8) Why is the amount of Miles shown on my order success page different from the amount of Miles actually credited?

The number of Miles earned is based on the final amount paid and may vary if discounts are applied and/or items are returned.

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