Partnership terms and conditions

1. To earn Skywards Miles, download the Namshi app, create a Namshi General Trading LLC (“Namshi”) account, and link your Emirates Skywards account using your Emirates Skywards credentials.

2. By linking an Emirates Skywards account to the Namshi app, you consent and authorize Emirates Skywards to share the following membership details with Namshi: member name, Emirates Skywards membership number, tier status, and Skywards Miles balance. Your Emirates Skywards credentials will not be shared with Namshi.

3. If you are an existing Namshi member, you can earn Skywards Miles on all transactions in the Namshi app or

4. Verification of transaction validity will be the responsibility of Namshi, and Namshi reserves the right to reject transactions and withhold any rewards associated therewith.

5. Emirates Skywards members across all tiers (Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum) will earn Skywards Miles on spends in Namshi at a rate of 1 Mile per USD 1 spent.

6. Skyward Miles will be credited to your account within 21 working days according to Namshi’s country-specific refund policy and may be extended if the transaction requires further investigation.

7. You can check the status of Skywards Miles earned with Namshi on the Namshi app.

8. You can claim missing Miles earned through the Namshi app within six months by contacting Namshi via the Namshi app, or by contacting the Emirates Skywards Contact Centre.

9. Skywards Skysurfers are not eligible to earn Skywards Miles through the Namshi app.

10. Namshi reserves the right to suspend or disable accounts of Namshi members and prevent any future reward accruals or redemptions through the Namshi app should any fraudulent activity or misuse of the programme be detected or suspected by Namshi.

11. Emirates Skywards Programme Rules apply.

12. Namshi terms and conditions apply and can also be found in the Namshi app.

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