Why was my order cancelled?

We will be unable to process your order/item if one of the following scenarios takes place:

  • Item not Fulfilled by Supplier

The item(s) you purchased were not delivered to us by the supplier on time.

  • Payment on Hold

This doesn't happen usually, however, certain transactions are held by the payment system if it detects an issue. In such a case, the order will not be processed without ID (Government ID of the cardholder / Passport) details. The name on the ID shared must match the name of the cardholder so we can process your order.

  • The ID was not shared

We will not be able to process your order in case we reach out to you for your ID but didn’t hear back from you, Please note that when we are unable to process an order, it will be automatically canceled. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you of the same.


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