Key Definitions:


Coupon” means the coupon used to activate discount promotions or any other benefits or rewards offered by Namshi under the Programme.

“Customer” means any User who makes a purchase on the Platform  

Loyalty Programme” or “Programme” means the Namshi Rewards programme through which Namshi endeavors to reward and thank its Users and Customers for patronizing the Platform.  The Programme offers discounts and benefits as rewards to Members by reason of their membership into the Loyalty Programme.

Loyalty Point” is the reward in the form of a point under the Programme.  It is awarded for the purchase of any product(s) on the Platform or may be awarded as an ex-gratia discretionary bonus point to a Member, and can be redeemed against benefits and promotions that may be offered under the Programme from time to time.  The Loyalty Point cannot be encashed and cannot be used as a payment method.

“Member” or “you” means a Customer or a User who subscribes to or signs up for the Loyalty Programme by logging in

“Platform” refers to Namshi website: and/or Namshi’s mobile application available on Android or iOS systems

"User" shall mean any natural person who accesses the Platform

General Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) apply to your membership in the Programme which is operated by Namshi. These T&Cs do not alter in any way, the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with Namshi for products, services or otherwise.

Your membership in the Programme confirms your acceptance of these T&Cs and any changes or modifications to these T&Cs from time to time. You shall ensure to review these T&Cs periodically for such updates/changes. Your continued membership in the Programme following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the revisions.  

These T&Cs shall be read in conjunction with the Namshi Privacy Policy to understand how Namshi collects, uses and discloses information about its Users or Customers.

Specific terms

Namshi Membership:

Any User who logs in to the Loyalty Programme becomes a Member of the Programme.  An existing Namshi customer is auto-enrolled into the Programme. There is no fee for membership or enrolment into the Programme.

Namshi understands that some Users may choose to have multiple registrations on the Platform and thereby resulting in multiple Memberships.  It is advisable that the Member utilizes one registered account so that the User is able to maximize the benefits received from the Programme.  Namshi is not obligated to, and shall not, aggregate memberships that belong to the same User who has multiple registrations on the Platform, and the benefits are not transferrable between individuals or User accounts.

Members can access benefits offered by the Programme through My Namshi Rewards under My Namshi navigation menus on the Platform.   A profile page that displays information pertaining to the Programme will be created in the section of the Platform designated for the Programme. The profile page will display information such as Namshi Tier/Level, Coupons available, Loyalty Points accruals and deductions.

Earning & Redeeming Namshi Loyalty Points:

Loyalty Points cannot be used in conjunction with other Namshi offered promotional codes or discount coupons.


The following tiers/levels are available for the Loyalty Programme Members:

Level 1 - Bronze

Level 2 - Silver

Level 3 - Gold

Level 4 - Platinum

Namshi will maintain a record of Loyalty Points accrued and redeemed. The benefits shall be available for activation/unlocking depending on the tier level.  Redemption is possible only upon spending on promotions activated for the Loyalty Member.

There are 4 tier levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  Bronze level is the default start level for all Members. To maintain each level excluding Bronze, you need to use adequate Namshi Loyalty Points across 12 rolling months to retain your tier status.  To maintain Silver level, you need to use at least 1,000 Points across 12 rolling months. To maintain Gold level, you need to use at least 4,000 Points across 12 rolling months. To maintain Platinum level, you need to use at least 16,000 Points across 12 rolling months. If you don’t spend these Points as specified, then your level will get downgraded.

Earning Namshi Loyalty Points

Namshi Rewards Member can accrue Points earned by him or her through a transaction on the Platform for the purchase of goods paid by cash on delivery, credit/debit card, online payment or any other means of payment accepted by the Platform.  In some cases, Members may earn Points without any purchase.

a. Purchases:

1 Loyalty Point for every 1 AED/SAR purchased or spent on the Platform will be credited in “Due” or “On their way” status after a successful order, however, these will be upgraded to “Earned” after the order status changes to delivered.

All Loyalty Points associated with purchases are credited to the Member after the order status has changed to delivered  

The Points in “Due” status cannot be redeemed for benefits.

No Points will be issued or credited for cancelled or returned orders.

b. Nonpurchases:

You may be able to earn also with non-buying activities.  The conditions applicable to the same shall be posted on the Platform. Namshi Loyalty Points awarded may vary between different activities displayed and subject to change from time to time in Namshi’s sole discretion.


Expiry of Loyalty Points


Namshi Reward Points are valid for 12 rolling months from the date of issuance i.e., the date made available after delivery of the product purchased.  Based on this rolling expiration, if a Member does not spend his or her Points within the next 365 days, then those Points will expire at the end of that 12 month period and cannot be used for redemption in future.

Redeeming Loyalty Points


Only Namshi Loyalty Points that are in Earned status and have been updated in the account balance can be redeemed to avail benefits offered by the Programme. The Loyalty Points which are yet to be credited into Customer’s account cannot be redeemed for benefits.

In case a product bought with Coupon availed with Loyalty Points was returned by the Customer, the Namshi Loyalty Points used to get the Coupon will not be reversed, nor will Coupons be re-issued.  Loyalty Points are non-transferable and non-encashable.

In cases of lock out of any promotion by Namshi, the said promotion can be used again after it is reactivated by Namshi.


Availing Extra Discounts:

Extra discount Coupons will be listed under the ‘Dashboard’ section of the Loyalty Programme.  Each Coupon will have a validity period of the Coupon, Loyalty Points required to redeem the Coupon, terms and conditions and instructions on how to use the Coupon.  The list of products to redeem may vary on a frequent basis as per Namshi. By redeeming the Coupon, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with the Coupon availed.

Miscellaneous terms

Without advance notice to you, Namshi reserves the right to suspend, cancel and/or terminate your membership in Namshi Rewards if Namshi determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these T&Cs, or if your account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. In such event that your membership in Namshi Rewards is terminated, all accumulated Namshi Loyalty Points in your account will become null and void.

Namshi reserves the right to change or modify the Programme and/or these T&Cs or any policy, FAQ, or guidelines pertaining to the Programme at any time and in its sole discretion.  

Namshi reserves the right to terminate the Programme by giving at least 14 days’ notice to all Members.

All disputes arising under these T&Cs shall be attempted to be resolved through amicable negotiations. All claims and disputes arising under these T&Cs should be notified to Namshi within 30 days from the event date after which no Member shall have any claim against Namshi.

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