Namshi Looks

1- What is Namshi Looks?   

Namshi Looks is a video-based shopping feature within the Namshi app that helps you to make fast purchase decisions. You can watch, shop, and purchase!

2- How do I find Namshi Looks?

Look for a dedicated "Namshi Looks" tab or section within the main Namshi app.

3- Do I need a Namshi account to use Namshi Looks?

No, you can browse through Namshi Looks without a Namshi account. However, you'll need an account to purchase products directly through the videos.

4- What languages are available on Namshi Looks?

 Namshi Looks offers video content both in Arabic and English. 

5- What kind of videos can I find on Namshi Looks?

You'll find a variety of short-form videos (15 seconds - 3 minutes) showcasing Fashion, Beauty, and Home products. These include product reviews, unboxing videos, tutorials, demonstrations, and lifestyle content. We're constantly expanding to include more categories.

6- Is there a subscription fee to use Namshi Looks?

No, Namshi Looks is completely free to use.

7- How can I get my products featured on Namshi Looks?

Contact us at for information on featuring your products on Namshi Looks.

8- How can I share feedback about my experience with Namshi Looks?

We value your feedback! Please share your thoughts and suggestions via email at

9- In which countries is Namshi Looks available?

Currently, Namshi Looks is available in KSA and UAE. 

10- Is Namshi Looks only available on the app?

Yes, Namshi Looks is only available on the Namshi app.

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