How to use the Deep Linking feature

The feature of using Deep Linking is available now at Namshi’s Affiliate System.

The feature is very simple and efficient to use in your campaigns.


Here’s a step-by-step method on how to get the Deep Link from your Namshi Affiliate System account dashboard:

  1. Once you are logged in to your account, open (Offers) window.
  2. Choose any of the listed offers in the offers window, by simply clicking on the offer name. As an example we picked (Namshi Affiliate Program).
  3. Click on (Creatives).
  4. A list of links will be shown that can be used to run any campaign. The link for Deep Link can be found on the last page (Page 21) named under (DeepLink Generator).
  5. Click now on (Get Link) and another window will pop out named (Get Custom Link).
  6. Please note that the Deep Link feature can be used to a product page or a category page.
  7. Please have a look at the images below to view an example on how to use the Deep Link feature designated for a product page as an example:


** Below is an example with 2 options on how to get the code for the deep link for a certain product page or category page. Here we picked a product from men’s apparel.

  1. First image shows how to get the code when using a link/URL for a certain country, example:  UAE.
  2. Second image shows how to get the code when using general link/URL and it’s not country specific.



First example of the same product

Second example of the same product



We would like to mention an important note about using a generic link that is not country or language specific. 

The link will not work correctly if it hasn't been done the right way.

Any link to be used will have always to start with (https://).


Here's a screen shot below on how to make it and what should be removed from the URL.

 The screen shot above is for a country specific link. The URL example here is:UAE in English.

To make this link generic and not country and language specific, the letters for the language (en) and the country (ae) followed by the dot (.) have to be removed. 

Like in the screen shot below:


The final - generic - link will look like this:


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