I’ve been waiting longer than your delivery promised, what should I do?

1. We offer delivery estimates on certain products being shipped to certain locations. If the delivery estimates are available for your location you will see it clearly marked on the product detail page below the product image.

2. You may select your city or the location from the drop-down menu for us to provide you with a delivery estimate. If your specific location is not displayed on the drop-down menu, please select the last option on the list "Rest of (Country Name)".

3. In order for us to carry out our delivery services as per the estimates, please ensure that you have provided us with a correct & working phone number, correct & clear addresses (with references to known nearby locations if needed).

4. Although we strive to do our best to complete all our deliveries on time, please allow for some discrepancies as certain circumstances may prevent us from doing so. If you have not received your order and it is past the estimated delivery time, please reach out to us via phone on +971 800 626744 or get quick answers to your questions by visiting our Help Centre or to contact us by creating a ticket. You can also chat with our team at anytime (24*7) by clicking on the "Support button" at the right bottom hand corner of your device/desktop browser.