What documents does a customer need to use Tabby?

Customers need an active debit or credit card, along with a valid national ID and phone number.
These last two need to belong to the same country they are ordering to.

Where can customers view their Tabby orders and outstanding payments?
They can view all orders and upcoming payments in their Tabby account on the Tabby app. They
can log in with the same phone number that they used to make the purchase.

What happens if the auto-charge fails?
In case the auto-charge fails Tabby will notify the customer by email and they will have 24 hours
to finalize the payment. Customers may be charged a collection fee if they are unable to pay on

When will a customer’s first payment be due?
The first payment is already collected at the time of the transaction. In the following months, the
leftover amount is charged in equal payments. Customers can manage their payments in the
Tabby app.

Will customers get reminders before the due date?
Tabby will send reminders prior to the due date, including one 24 hours prior to an auto-charge.
Customers can also change the payment method in their Tabby account, should they choose to do

Is Tabby halal?
Tabby is fully Shari’a compliant.

Can a customer change the payment plan after placing their order?
Unfortunately, this cannot be changed at a later stage. If they are facing financial difficulties,
please ask them to reach out to Tabby by writing to

Is Tabby safe to use?
Tabby is permitted to operate within the Saudi Central Bank's Regulatory Sandbox Environment
in the KSA. Tabby is also PCI DSS certified.

Will customers be charged anything extra? Are there any fees that a customer should know
Tabby is free to use for the Split in 4 solutions. There is no interest. A collection fee may be
charged if the customer does not pay Tabby on time.

I have been refunded the order, but Tabby is still asking me to pay.
Please check if the customer was eligible for a refund. If the refund was made, but the customer
made this complaint, please check again if the refund was indeed initiated on Tabby. If this is not
the case, please refund from the Tabby merchant portal.

The refund never reached my bank account.
It can take up to 5-7 days for the refund to reflect. If it is more than 7 days. Please guide the
customer to Tabby customer support so that our payment team can investigate.

How will refunds reflect for customers?

Partial Refund:
A) the customer’s future monthly payments will decrease. The down payment is not
B) If the refund amount is more than the down payment, all payments are affected.
To reflect the refund, the customer’s future payments will be adjusted, and the remaining amount
will be refunded.

Good to know:

● For partial refunds, the paid monthly fees will not be refunded, as the customer continues
to pay installments for the remaining items.

Full Refund
Customers will get a full refund for the amount already debited from their card. Future payments
will be waived.

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