Namshi Cash - Beauty Week 2023

Introducing Namshi Cash

Spend less on future purchases

Celebrate a new way to shop and receive cashback 


Namshi Cash is a section in your Namshi Wallet where cashback you receive from purchases during promotions are stored. This cashback is available to spend on your future purchases on Namshi.

Keeping shopping simple

When you shop any beauty products between 12 pm on 9th February and 12 pm on 14th February on, you are eligible to receive a 10% cashback as Namshi Cash.

Cashback will be credited to your account by 5th March, 2023

Note: This promotion is applicable only on all beauty items only

How it works (INFOGRAPHIC)

Step 1: Add items to your cart*

Step 2: Hit the checkout button

*Cashback will be auto credited on eligible beauty items in your selected cart.

Here’s what you need to know

  • I shopped during Beauty Week ’23. When will I get my Namshi Cash?

Namshi Cash earned during Beauty Week ‘23 will be credited to your wallet by 5th March, 2023. 

  • How is my Namshi Cash total calculated?

Namshi Cash earned will be calculated on net order value (post-cancellation) of beauty products in the cart. 

  • How many orders will I get Namshi Cash on?

All beauty orders placed during beauty week will be considered. This is only applicable on beauty items in your orders.

  • What can I do with Namshi Cash?

You can use it to pay 15% of the final payable amount on every order (excluding COD and shipping fee).

  • How can I redeem Namshi Cash?

Namshi Cash can be redeemed along with your preferred payment option (credit & debit cards, COD, etc). For example, if you are placing an order for 500 AED/SAR or equivalent currency on Namshi, you can use 15% of Namshi Cash, by choosing Namshi Cash at checkout. This cannot be clubbed with any other coupon code. 

  • What is the validity of Namshi Cash earned during Beauty Week ‘23?

Namshi Cash earned during Beauty Week ’23 is valid for up to 30 days from the date of being credited to your Namshi Wallet. Any unused Namshi Cash will expire post the 30 day period.

Your questions - answered!

  1.       What is the difference between Namshi Cash & Namshi Credit?

Namshi Cash is a section in your Namshi Wallet where rewards you win from promotions, cashback and special offers are stored for future purchases. Namshi Cash cannot be transferred and has an expiry period.

Namshi Credit is a section on your Namshi Wallet used to refund the amount due to you when you cancel/return a previously placed order. This amount can be transferred to your bank account. Namshi Credit has no expiry period.

  1.       Can I use Namshi Cash and Namshi Credits together?

Yes. You can! Namshi Cash can be redeemed like a coupon at your checkout page. The remaining order value can be paid through Namshi Credit or any other payment method. Namshi cash cannot be refunded for actual cash. If an Offer, for whatever reason, progresses differently than foreseen or the Offer appears to be in conflict with applicable law, Namshi reserves the right to annul, terminate, amend or postpone the Offer without any liability

  1.       What happens if I cancel an order that I paid for with Namshi Cash? Where will my refund reflect?

Refunds for Namshi Cash will reflect in the Namshi Wallet, whereas the remaining amount will be refunded back to your bank, Namshi credit or other payment wallets depending on the payment method you chose during checkout. Any refunded Namshi Cash will expire within 15 days from the date of refund.

  1.       How much Namshi Cash can I use in a single order?

You can use up to 15% of the final payable amount. (excluding COD and shipping fee). For eg, If you are placing an order for 500 AED/SAR or equivalent currency on Namshi, you can pay 75 AED/SAR through Namshi Cash, by choosing the payment method at checkout, or as a coupon.

6- Can I transfer my Namshi Cash to my credit wallet or simply encash it? 


No, Namshi Cash cannot be converted to money or transferred to your Namshi Credit wallet. However, you can use your Namshi Cash to purchase on Namshi. 1 Namshi Cash is equal to 1 AED/SAR or equivalent so enjoy shopping with Namshi Cash.

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